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Alexander Technique
Santa Monic
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Alexander Technique is a gentle yet effective educational PROCESS through which one gives themselves space and time to observe, recognize and release habitual patterns of tension or holding, and redirect energy to allow for greater ease in balance & overall coordination. 


Learning the Alexander Technique helps to improve overall coordination & posture, restore balance, reduce habitual tension & restore poise through UN-DOING habitual patterns of tension. This process is facilitated through gentle hands-on guidance and verbal directions from the teacher and can be applied in any activity of daily life and performance - sitting, standing, washing dishes, walking, running, biking, dancing, swimming, singing, acting, playing an instrument, freediving, snowboarding, etc.

Michelle Shiu-lin Lai is an Alexander Technique Teacher based in Santa Monica, CA. She received her training at the Alexander Training Institute of Los Angeles.

Michelle teaches the Alexander Technique to people of all walks of life - including freedivers, dancers, athletes, musicians, singers, actors, performers, people with chronic pain or discomfort, or those who have a natural curiosity for change and the exploration of self.

Michelle has a background in architecture, interdisciplinary dance performance, & underwater dance/ freediving.

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